Restoration Services

Florida presents special problems to construction and Ruby Builders routinely corrects the damaging effects of termite infestation, water intrusion/mold, and storm damage. In all instances, finest quality replacement materials and proven weatherproofing techniques are utilized in restoring structures to better than original condition. Comprehensive services provided for these problem areas include:
    Termite Repair...
  • Damage condition assessment and recommendations
  • Preparation of quotation for materials and services to be provided
  • Scheduling ot services to be performed
  • Pre-construction chemical treatments with barriers installed
  • Restoration procedures conducted and finishing of areas affected
    Water Intrustion...
  • Condition assessment to pinpoint causes of intrusion and recommendations
  • Provide most current information on causes and prevention of recurrance
  • Full knowledge of state and local regulations regarding moisture controls
  • Preparation of quotation for materials and services to be supplied
  • Scheduling of services and/or mold remediation to be conducted
  • Knowledge of thermal graphic imaging technology
  • Areas of condensation, roof and plumbing leaks, overflows, improper humidifier use, improper venting of appliances, etc
    Special Small Projects...
  • Door/Door frame replacements
  • Installation of shower tile and wet walls
  • Installation of exterior siding
  • Window/Window frame replacements

Any of these conditions can result in greatly reduced value of any commercial or residential property, not to mention well established health risks. Ruby Builders welcomes your inquiries and will be pleased to provide consultation and the services necessary to correct such problems. Contact our Orlando office today at 407-293-8217.